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AT&T Small Business Site

AT&T Small Business Site 



To build out a new Small Business Shopping Site.

To combine 7 existing sites into 1.

To have one consolidated Shopping Cart for many different types of products and services.

To match existing styles of another business channel site.


Before the project officially started, I gathered a few members of my UX Design team together. I assigned a product area to each person. I had each person create a home page for the entire site, a template for a product family page, and a template for a product detail page.

We then gathered together as a team and looked over each design. We chose the right elements and sections for each page.

We shared our early designs to the other groups and gathered more feedback.

The project was slow to kick off, so getting those early designs together was very beneficial to speeding up the design process once the project got rolling. We had designs to share with the entire team for feedback, acceptance, feasibility, etc. When changes were necessary, we adjusted our common page designs.

Example Pages


Home page after launch


Site map / page flow that I created for the project

The below image is one project document I created that was intended to give all project team members an idea of the overall flow of the site. This ‘flow’ used my team’s draft Wireframe pages. Using the pages within the flow really helped to align all project team members on how the site should function.


Image-driven flow


The end result was a very functional and User-centric site with a set of many complicated buy flows and business requirements all working well together. The various business owners of the different parts of the organization were pleased with the outcome.

Overall, this was one of my proudest projects. It certainly isn’t one of the favorite site designs I have participated in, but I really enjoyed the collaboration from within my team and with other teams on the project. Everyone was committed to the project and a lot of hours were spent to ensure the project was a success.

Project Details:

  • Company: AT&T

  • Year: 2012

  • Team Size: 30

  • My Roles: UX Design Manager & UX Designer

  • My Contributions: Taxonomy, Wireframing, UX team lead, Stakeholder review meeting facilitation, project process.

  • Project Goal: Take 7 separate sites with very different products and services and create 1 new site that uses 1 common Cart and Checkout experience.