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AT&T Upgrade Express Flow

AT&T Upgrade Express Flow 



Create an Upgrade Express Flow for a major phone release in order to process orders quickly and simplify the ordering process.

The Comp here was created by the Visual Designer for this project.


We worked together with the consumer team to ensure the look and feel of our B2B pages matched the consumer pages. We stripped out all unnecessary pages and steps in order to streamline the flow.


A few of the Wireframe pages I created


For the first time, AT&T was able to pull off an iPhone launch that also included additional avenues for Users to upgrade their devices. This greatly increased our ability to not have the site crash on launch day and provided a much, much simpler upgrade experience for Users.

Project Details:

  • Company: AT&T

  • Year: 2011

  • Team Size: 6

  • My Roles: UX Designer

  • My Contributions: Wireframing & Stakeholder review meeting facilitation.

  • Project Goal: Create an app in order for iPhone upgrades to be processed through a new flow in order to hopefully avoid crashing our servers on a very busy night.